Nowun Till on John Sergeant thanks to Now Magazine

I enjoyed the piece by Now Magazine published on 25th Novemeber about the Strictly Come Dancing television programme.

..... ‘BBC executives feel that John was driven out,’ a source tells the Daily Mail. ‘No action could be taken mid-series. However, when the ratings figures start to come in, they will be carefully scrutinised.’

Almost 12 viewers tuned in for 64-year-old John's farewell dance.....
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Almost 12 viewers. Well I know I wasn't one of those 12, so who was?
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Nowun Till on Barack Obama

I wondered how long the hype would last.

Obama was elected with a sense that he would bring changes and a new sense of prosperity to a world besieged by recession and economic gloom.

Surely if any one could, the superhero Obama would save the world (well the US and closely allied capitalist countries) from doom.

Well he isn't yet the 'hands on the tiller' president, but if his book sales are anything to go by, it doesn't bode well.

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
by Obama, Barack

Is being offered at a 40% discount (somewhat worse than the measure of recession).

However, if you haven't bought the book yet and want to find out more about the Obama dream, pick it up here with a 40% discount
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