My wish for 2010

It is a great shame that in many countries, puppets are deemed far more relevant than real people.

It is an absolute abhorrence that an Actor/Actress is paid more to pretend to be someone than the real person doing a real job.

Why are puppets paid more to pretend than real people to actually do something useful?

Does an actor/actress really believe them pretending to save someones life, is worth more than someone actually saving a real life? Does a pretend soldier really think they are of greater value to society than a real soldier being shot in the battle field, screaming an real agony and actually bleeding to death?

Does a pretend fireman in all honesty think they are worthy of an accolade for following a directors direction and getting in to no harms way, when a real fireman really does save people, risk their life and all with nothing more than a pittance in relative salary.

It is a sad state of affairs when as a society the pretenders are valued more highly than the realists, but this is our Society.

I have many wishes for the new decade, but of relevance to this post:

I wish people would stop shelling out vast sums of money to watch plastic people play out pretend roles, whilst begrudging paying more tax to financially support real people doing real jobs.

Do we really live in a Society in which serial murderers can't sell their story but a pretend person can be paid millions of dollars for pretending to be that murderer?
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