Time for a break

The slimebags have been elected and now we have waffle of urgent work that needs to be undertaken.

But there is the slight issue of a holiday.

These rip-off merchants will be away in just 28 days of sittings before heading off for three months holiday.

Urgent... Decisions.... Hard working families....

Sod the lot of them
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Local Government Ombudsman

I am hugely impressed with the LGO, who have a staffing budget of over £10 000 000 a year but when calling them this morning was advised by an automated response that lines were closed due to staff training and wouldn't re-open until 10:30.

What a hugely efficient organisation this is. Payroll costs of over £10m and they manage to send everyoen on training at the same time.

No Idon't believe it either.

Crass incompetence. In addition to raising my initial complaint I will be adding a further complaint about a QUango that so happily wastes money.
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The election

We had an election in the UK.

You may have voted, you may have had faith, good for you.

Who actually was on marches to get rid of corrupt politicians, that was the whole 650 of them. Were you?

You voted for Conservative, why? The leader of this party thought it was fine to claim from you his wisteria clippings.

You voted Labour, why? The leader of this party claimed Sky Sports as an expense, but still demands it is kept as a secret as this is a 'security risk'.

You voted Clegg, why? This man admitted taking expenses for business-class air travel while actually flying economy
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