The President Carter 1980 Rescue mission in Iran still haunts the USA

American Paranoia continues to sweep over their servants in Europe.

America, determined to create an Empire, keep up their relentless drive to world domination and are currently sashaying to the mood music of Iran and their threat to the West.

Having failed so far, but do watch this space, to convince the poodles in London to support an invasion of Iran, nothing to do with the Carter rescue debacle of 1980 still bruising their egos?

The upright and decent US of A are putting pressure on NATO to accept their demands for a European Missile Shield. The reality being that the European Missile Shield against the immediate and highly dangerous threat of an Iranian missile launch in to Europe will plug in to their missile defences in Israel and the Gulf, which technically are separate and in different stages of development. But they are all designed to plug into command-and-control systems operated by, or with, the U.S. military. Providing the USA with absolute military power and control across Europe and the Middle East.

While the UK has just undertaken a range of financial cuts, they did have the unedifying sight of having their supposed Government asking for permission from the Americans to undertake their defence review and ensure it met with Americas requirement of their little puppy.

Evidently the American demanded and received a slobbering agreement that the UK stump up with their part of the US$200million cost for this oh so necessary project.

That bastion of freedom, Turkey are less easily manipulated by the USA and their bullying tactics have so far failed to make Turkey to acquiesce, or to put it more prosaically, Defence Secretary Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with their Turkish counterparts, as Gates put it - '..I would say that we are not putting pressure on the Turks, but we are having continuing conversations with them as one of our allies...'

Lisbon, in November 2010 will undoubtedly see the freedom fighters of the USA, win their argument for a European Defence Shield in one way or another.

This is the same free USA which still argues that Gay military service personnel should be hung drawn and quartered. Oh for the Land of the free.

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