Corrupt Politicians

We have moved in to an era of acid tripping as far as UK politicians are concerned.

Goodwin, receives an excessive pension and politicians decide to deride the man. Oh, did I forget he is Sir Fred, let me bow down before you Sire.

But on the wings we have the corrupt trough sniffers of politicians who deride the scum Fred, for his greed, but feel their own greed is within the law, so all is well.

Goodwin, has taken a pension, within the law, so he decides he has done nothing wrong.

But politician wring their hands and claim he is in the wrong, yet within the past few months we have had:

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling claiming £104,183 over six years for a London flat when he has a family home just 17 miles from Parliament.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's claims that her main residence is a room at her sister's house in South London.

Employment Minister Tony McNulty claimed expenses for a second home - after it was revealed that it is in fact his parents' house, except of course now, he decides he will stop claiming the allowance.

All insisting they have broken no rules.

Yet all of them decide that Goodwin is unethical.

Politicians are too often, self serving hypocritical idiots, who display the morals and ethics of an alley cat.

British politics is a house of corruption.

Cash for Honours, cash for amendments, failure to listen to the voters and scant disregard for any ethical standard. Reminds me of the Boston Tea Party.
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When selling yourself goes wrong

As the recession bites harder, there are more so called 'experts' advising on how to make money on the internet.

Some of these people do know what they are doing, but the vast majority are just selling products in what is called MLM, but what most of us think of as pyramid type selling. Each level of person gaining money from the money paid by the next level down paying for the privilege of selling to the next layer down.

I don't worry too much about typos in this blog as it isn't an important issue. Though I do try and keep errors to a minimum. However if I were selling from this blog, then I would ensure it was error free, particularly if I were selling a product purporting to help people improve their copy writing skills. I am not talking here of American against English spelling, I am referring to plain and simple typos.

A great example of this can be found on a site in which the person involved refers to himself as...

'Acclaimed marketer, preparing to reveal breakthrough wordsmithing strategies for perfecting print persuasion...'

Whatever that may mean.

Aside from wordsmithing he manages the following great illustrations of how not to write, when he is in fact trying to persuade you that he has the solution to writing copy.

'Who Else Wants To See Your Conversions and Profits Maximized...'

I guess he means who else wants to see 'their' conversions....

'The words on your pages, the words in your emails, the words that are spoken in your audios, videos and during live presentations.

The sentence above conveys nothing and may as well be a shopping list.

'Emotions are frequently triggered by the subsconcious mind’s processing...'

An example of lazy spell checking the word he was seeking was 'subconscious'

The page is littered with grammatical and typographic errors and unfortunately, he will probably get away with this junk.

The web has some great people on it, it also has some who really would be better off letting others do the typing.

If you still feel these 'breakthough wordsmithing strategies' could be of some help, just copy and paste the url (I could link it but I feel slightly cleaner by not doing so)

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