Lest MPs forget - Remembrance Sunday - No expenses for wreaths

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MPs are quick with their Public Service Announcements, so I thought it may be helpful to make an announcement for MPs as we begin November.

Remembrance Sunday Wreaths are not reclaimable expenses.

The excuses of 'claimed in error' don't wash and never have. Amongst others Ed Balls and Boris Johnson have managed to try and slip this expense past the tax payer.

Remembrance Sunday is not a day to go out and buy a wreath then bill it back to the tax payer.

So just to re-iterate, if you wish to make a donation, or purchase a Remembrance Sunday Wreath, pay it out of your own salary, not out of the taxpayers.

Enough of their pathetic excuses, claiming this type of expense is perhaps as morally low as any of the excessive claims have been.

Lest We forget - in the case of Balls and Johnson, I won't.

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