Swine Flu pandemic and the Civil Contingencies Act

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We are hearing much about a potential Flu Pandemic, but nothing about the ramifications of this to the UK. I am not looking here at health concerns specifically, but at the potential to enforce the civil contingencies act.

The DoH statement made by Alan Johnson on 27th April refers to meetings with opposition shadows.

This always raises the question of the truth behind the bland statement and the potential ramifications, in addition to meeting with the civil contingencies committee.

On turning to the Cabinet Office pages there is a specific section regarding the flu scare.

This document finishes with:

'....However well developed, plans are unlikely to be successful without the active support of individuals and communities. Therefore, a key part of the response will be to encourage the public to follow government advice and adopt basic hygiene measures to manage or reduce their own risk of catching or spreading the virus. Ensuring that all of us are fully aware of the necessary precautionary and response measures, are prepared to cooperate actively with them and accept responsibility for helping themselves and others must therefore be an integral part of our overall preparedness strategy.....' (My bold)

As someone who is a little cynical and bearing in mind that opposition shadows have already been met, I doubt very much the meeting Alan Johnson had with the Secretariat, was to discuss the current DoH guidelines, on washing your hands and throwing away tissues.

I am trying to ascertain as to whether as part of the planning for a declaration by the WHO that this is a Flu Pandemic, the Government are considering activating the Civil Contingencies Act plus attached sections, which since the 2004 revisions provide for considerable powers to Police and Military on a region by region basis.

As the Labour party are always looking to deprive civil liberties and need a big story to cover up their failings, I would not be at all surprised were the plans not to include triggering the Act.

If a Flu pandemic is declared by the WHO on a Global basis, whilst there may be a global pandemic, that of and by itself, does not mean that the UK is hit hard by the Flu.

If the CCA does form part of the strategy to deal with the pandemic, at what level of infection in the UK are the Government intending to enforce this Act?

I have sent off the questions and am waiting for responses.
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More 'fiction' from Government Ministers

It has emerged that once again British Ministers have been making up stories to facilitate their own aims.

Yet another TLA Quango, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, who had responsibility for key stage tests for children aged 11 to 14, failed miserably to manage to get the results out in a timely manner.

As a result of the fiasco, millions of pounds were wasted on yet another inquiry, chaired by yet another Lord, Government Ministers were asked to provide evidence.

Keen as pigs sniffing truffles, Jim Knight, Schools Minister and Ed Balls (an apt surname if ever there was one), sought to disparage Ken Boston, the then head of the QCA.

They offered evidence to the enquiry that at a meeting on 17th June, Jim Knight claimed that Ken Boston was complacent and disengaged at the meeting.

Only problem is that Ken Boston wasn't at the meeting, so it is hardly much of a surprise he was disengaged is it?

Of course the dear old 'onest 'injun, Knight has denied this turn of events is accurate as he claims he subsequently wrote a letter to Sutherland, '..explaining an error in the way the June 17th meeting had been described...'

Sounds a little like Mistress if Porn, Home Office Secretary Jacqui Smith, claiming the expenses claim for Porn Films was an 'error' someone else should have picked up, but now it is all in the open and been corrected, all is well.

The speed with which politicians seek to absolve themselves of responsibility for anything, other than praise, is a disgrace.

Continually blaming quangos for mistakes is farcical. These Ministers work for Prime Minister Gordon Brown who promised a ‘…bonfire of the Quango’s…’ before Labour came to power, claiming that they were ‘..often government in secret, free from full public scrutiny…’.

If Brown really believes this, why have 7 Government Departments added more Quangos and why when a Quango is shown to fail, does responsibility pass to yet another Quango and not back to Government?

Politicians need to take responsibility, stop lying and stop blaming other people for their lies.

How Knight has the gall to think that sending a follow up letter to clarify a lie in a previous submission is good enough, beggars belief.

The question remains, why did Knight submit evidence that someone who wasn't at a meeting, was disengaged and complacent at the meeting?

Ken Boston, may not be calling for a ministerial resignation, I am.

A Minister who can make submissions which are evidently untrue: Knight was advising he felt that Boston was disengaged, when he knew full well the man wasn't even there, should not be in that position.

To claim it was an error is nonsense. Knight knew full well Boston wasn't at the meeting and should have corrected the lie prior to submission, not after the buck passing had been carried out.
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PC Rob Ward, violent police officer, or sadly misunderstood?

Rob Ward, is perhaps not the brightest candle of all time.

On the evening of the death of Ian Tomlinson, he managed to post the following on his facebook page.

I guess he didn't realize, facebook is the largest social network site going.

Just another thug going to the riots, you may think. But unfortunately no.

PC Rob Ward, is in the Metropolitan Police.

His page has gone from facebook and he has been given a verbal warning by the Met, pending an investigation, but be aware this man has not been suspended from duty.

If you happen to meet this 27 year old copper, he is a fan of violent football films, perhaps he was just attracted to the Police Force because of the freedom to kill people with only a slight chance of being admonished, never mind convicted, so be warned, he is copper who takes great pride in telling everyone he is up for a bit of violence..

I had been led to understand that the Police Force had a minimum education level, but I guess not, he can't quite manage to spell hippies. Perhaps the qualification now based on the severity of psychosis and willingness to kill in the name of freedom.

That a Police Officer has the arrogance and mental deficiency to post this on Facebook just an hour after a man died at the protests says, I think, all that is necessary to understand the culture of the British Police Force.

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Gordon Brown hyberbole

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Gordon Brown the Prime Minister of the UK, either lives in myopic nirvana or really thinks the British Public are thick.

He sent a letter today today to the head of the civil service, proclaiming '....The public would expect no less and would also expect the highest possible standards from all their politicians and all those who work for them....'

This is the same Brown who claims an allowance for a home despite being given a grace and favour residence paid for by the British Tax Payer, the same Brown who still supports Jacqui Smith, who had the gall to defend her position on claiming allowances the wide Public opinion finds indefensible and is even so mean as to claim for a bath plug. How petty minded and tight fisted can a mind to claim for this be? This is the woman who made a fraudulent claim for porn films and protested someone else should have told her. I wonder what other fraud she has committed.

The same Brown who even now defends politicians expenses. Who defends Myners, the man who knew about Goodwin's pension, but lied and pretended he didn't.

The same Gordon Brown who continues to defend politicians claiming expenses that many people think are indefensible. This is the man who thinks he can save the world from global depression, but can't work out that MP expense claims are nothing more than self aggrandisement.

He adds: '...I entered politics because of a sense of public duty and to improve the lives and opportunities of those less fortunate than me...'

Brown your morals have been lost, there is no one 'less fortunate' than you. You may be alive and think you are important. You are nothing more than a moral bankrupt. A trip to a Psychiatrist may help.

Transcript of the letter Gordon Brown wrote to the head of the civil service, Sir Gus O'Donnell dated 13th April 2009:

Dear Gus

I am writing about the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers, and the proposals I want to make to tighten this up.

I am assured that no minister and no political adviser other than the person involved had any knowledge of or involvement in these private emails that are the subject of current discussion.

I have already taken responsibility for acting on this - first by accepting Mr McBride's resignation and by making it clear to all concerned that such actions have no part to play in the public life of our country.

I have also written personally to all those who were subject to these unsubstantiated claims.

Mr McBride has apologised and done so unreservedly. But it is also important to make sure such behaviour does not happen again.

Any activity such as this that affects the reputation of our politics is a matter of great regret to me and I am ready to take whatever action is necessary to improve our political system.

I would therefore now like a more explicit assurance included in the special advisers Code of Conduct that not only are the highest standards expected of political advisers but that the preparation or dissemination of inappropriate material or personal attacks have no part to play in the job of being a special adviser, just as it has no part to play in the conduct of all our public life.

I also think it right to make it a part of the special advisers contract by asking our political advisers to sign such an assurance and to recognise that if they are ever found to be preparing and disseminating inappropriate material they will automatically lose their jobs.

I think you will agree that all of us in public life have a responsibility to ensure that those we employ and who are in involved in our parties observe the highest standards.

Like the overwhelming majority of figures in public life across the political spectrum, I entered politics because of a sense of public duty and to improve the lives and opportunities of those less fortunate than me.

My undivided focus as prime minister is on acting to make Britain a fairer, safer and more prosperous nation and, in particular, on guiding the country through the current economic difficulties.

The public would expect no less and would also expect the highest possible standards from all their politicians and all those who work for them.

Yours sincerely

Gordon Brown

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Killer copper steps forward

Since my last posting the murderer of Ian Tomlinson has decided to step forward. Perhaps he has a plea bargain in mind.

But he hasn't been named or even apparently arrested, despite the IPCC stating that independent criminal probe has begun.

If it may be a criminal offence perhaps the copper should be arrested.

What is the name of the killer and why are the Police protecting him?

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Murder at the G20

Another example of British Justice, see also previous post on hitman for free.

Ian Tomlinson, murdered by a police officer.

These bent coppers know exactly who pushed Ian Tomlinson, why doesn't one of them come forward?

Who are these coppers?

Who is this key witness?

Who is the murderer?

Lying murdering scum.

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The NHS - Looking for a hospital in which to die?

It is hardly any wonder the UK Politicians see no need for legislation into assisted suicide, it is quite easy to do this on the NHS.

Mid-Staffordshire trust, which was uncovered as an example of the NHS at its best, with patients drinking from flower vases and others being left in filthy soiled beds, all culminating in a Standardised Mortality Score of 127, which indicates that the hospital suffered 27% more deaths than would be expected. Or more prosaically about 500 extra deaths in 3 years. Bearing in mind these figures are complied by the Health Care Commission, who point blank refuse to investigate 10 other trusts with a higher SMR score, I would expect this 500 deaths to be a conservative estimate of unnecessary deaths. Bearing in mind poor statistics bring down the overall Mortality Score. Mid-Staffordshire now have slipped to a meagre 116. Hardly worth a mention.

The trusts to head for, to achieve a death by neglect are:

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a score of 132.
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, achieving a creditible 126
Blackpool, Fylde and Were Hospitals managing 123,
George Eliot Hospital a meritable 120
Swindon and Marlborough also scored 120, but out of shame at not being able to kill more people have decided to change their name to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
North Middlesex University Hospital a below par 119
Bolton Hospitals only 118 and as a result of such a low death toll are now known as Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Queen Mary’s Sidcup scraping into the list with a score of 117
Tameside Hospital also 117
and Mid Cheshire Hospitals also a lowly rated 117

In a vote of confidence in the way these trusts are killing people, the Health Commission refuse to investigate and the Care Quality Commission, which has taken over from the Commission, has no plans to do so either.
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Have you changed your bank account?

I hear a mass of whingeing about the banks being corrupt and stealing money etc. etc. etc.

The power is in the hands of the consumer.

Have you changed your bank account because you are in disagreement with their policies? Have you moved your bank account because they have failed you? Have you questioned your bank because they are not passing on interest rate cuts? Have you questioned your bank about their level of service?

Don't wait for the scum politician to do anything. Where do you think they all end up after their political stint is over?

Now is the time to make banks change. Banks do not run the world, their customers have the power to make change.

If you whinge about banking ineptitude and do nothing about it, by way of challenging the bank you whinge about, why will they change? Why should they change?

Hammer your bank if you don't like it and force it to change. 1 person wont make a hill of beans, a hill of people scare the heck out of a board of directors.

Your pension is tied up with these people, make them accountable.

I wonder if I am just p***ing in the wind.

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