The NHS - Looking for a hospital in which to die?

It is hardly any wonder the UK Politicians see no need for legislation into assisted suicide, it is quite easy to do this on the NHS.

Mid-Staffordshire trust, which was uncovered as an example of the NHS at its best, with patients drinking from flower vases and others being left in filthy soiled beds, all culminating in a Standardised Mortality Score of 127, which indicates that the hospital suffered 27% more deaths than would be expected. Or more prosaically about 500 extra deaths in 3 years. Bearing in mind these figures are complied by the Health Care Commission, who point blank refuse to investigate 10 other trusts with a higher SMR score, I would expect this 500 deaths to be a conservative estimate of unnecessary deaths. Bearing in mind poor statistics bring down the overall Mortality Score. Mid-Staffordshire now have slipped to a meagre 116. Hardly worth a mention.

The trusts to head for, to achieve a death by neglect are:

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a score of 132.
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, achieving a creditible 126
Blackpool, Fylde and Were Hospitals managing 123,
George Eliot Hospital a meritable 120
Swindon and Marlborough also scored 120, but out of shame at not being able to kill more people have decided to change their name to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
North Middlesex University Hospital a below par 119
Bolton Hospitals only 118 and as a result of such a low death toll are now known as Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Queen Mary’s Sidcup scraping into the list with a score of 117
Tameside Hospital also 117
and Mid Cheshire Hospitals also a lowly rated 117

In a vote of confidence in the way these trusts are killing people, the Health Commission refuse to investigate and the Care Quality Commission, which has taken over from the Commission, has no plans to do so either.


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