Have you changed your bank account?

I hear a mass of whingeing about the banks being corrupt and stealing money etc. etc. etc.

The power is in the hands of the consumer.

Have you changed your bank account because you are in disagreement with their policies? Have you moved your bank account because they have failed you? Have you questioned your bank because they are not passing on interest rate cuts? Have you questioned your bank about their level of service?

Don't wait for the scum politician to do anything. Where do you think they all end up after their political stint is over?

Now is the time to make banks change. Banks do not run the world, their customers have the power to make change.

If you whinge about banking ineptitude and do nothing about it, by way of challenging the bank you whinge about, why will they change? Why should they change?

Hammer your bank if you don't like it and force it to change. 1 person wont make a hill of beans, a hill of people scare the heck out of a board of directors.

Your pension is tied up with these people, make them accountable.

I wonder if I am just p***ing in the wind.


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