More 'fiction' from Government Ministers

It has emerged that once again British Ministers have been making up stories to facilitate their own aims.

Yet another TLA Quango, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, who had responsibility for key stage tests for children aged 11 to 14, failed miserably to manage to get the results out in a timely manner.

As a result of the fiasco, millions of pounds were wasted on yet another inquiry, chaired by yet another Lord, Government Ministers were asked to provide evidence.

Keen as pigs sniffing truffles, Jim Knight, Schools Minister and Ed Balls (an apt surname if ever there was one), sought to disparage Ken Boston, the then head of the QCA.

They offered evidence to the enquiry that at a meeting on 17th June, Jim Knight claimed that Ken Boston was complacent and disengaged at the meeting.

Only problem is that Ken Boston wasn't at the meeting, so it is hardly much of a surprise he was disengaged is it?

Of course the dear old 'onest 'injun, Knight has denied this turn of events is accurate as he claims he subsequently wrote a letter to Sutherland, '..explaining an error in the way the June 17th meeting had been described...'

Sounds a little like Mistress if Porn, Home Office Secretary Jacqui Smith, claiming the expenses claim for Porn Films was an 'error' someone else should have picked up, but now it is all in the open and been corrected, all is well.

The speed with which politicians seek to absolve themselves of responsibility for anything, other than praise, is a disgrace.

Continually blaming quangos for mistakes is farcical. These Ministers work for Prime Minister Gordon Brown who promised a ‘…bonfire of the Quango’s…’ before Labour came to power, claiming that they were ‘..often government in secret, free from full public scrutiny…’.

If Brown really believes this, why have 7 Government Departments added more Quangos and why when a Quango is shown to fail, does responsibility pass to yet another Quango and not back to Government?

Politicians need to take responsibility, stop lying and stop blaming other people for their lies.

How Knight has the gall to think that sending a follow up letter to clarify a lie in a previous submission is good enough, beggars belief.

The question remains, why did Knight submit evidence that someone who wasn't at a meeting, was disengaged and complacent at the meeting?

Ken Boston, may not be calling for a ministerial resignation, I am.

A Minister who can make submissions which are evidently untrue: Knight was advising he felt that Boston was disengaged, when he knew full well the man wasn't even there, should not be in that position.

To claim it was an error is nonsense. Knight knew full well Boston wasn't at the meeting and should have corrected the lie prior to submission, not after the buck passing had been carried out.


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