PC Rob Ward, violent police officer, or sadly misunderstood?

Rob Ward, is perhaps not the brightest candle of all time.

On the evening of the death of Ian Tomlinson, he managed to post the following on his facebook page.

I guess he didn't realize, facebook is the largest social network site going.

Just another thug going to the riots, you may think. But unfortunately no.

PC Rob Ward, is in the Metropolitan Police.

His page has gone from facebook and he has been given a verbal warning by the Met, pending an investigation, but be aware this man has not been suspended from duty.

If you happen to meet this 27 year old copper, he is a fan of violent football films, perhaps he was just attracted to the Police Force because of the freedom to kill people with only a slight chance of being admonished, never mind convicted, so be warned, he is copper who takes great pride in telling everyone he is up for a bit of violence..

I had been led to understand that the Police Force had a minimum education level, but I guess not, he can't quite manage to spell hippies. Perhaps the qualification now based on the severity of psychosis and willingness to kill in the name of freedom.

That a Police Officer has the arrogance and mental deficiency to post this on Facebook just an hour after a man died at the protests says, I think, all that is necessary to understand the culture of the British Police Force.

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