Womb for hire

Is there nothing that the UK won't follow the US in doing?

In a recent case a High Court Family Judge gave a ruling giving the green light to the commoditisation of the womb.

A couple paid an American Woman to give birth to their child and the Judge decided that the fee they had paid this woman was acceptable.

I can see the adverts and websites springing up -

Healthy womb, good pelvic bone, available for hire in March. £25,000. Successful delivery of 18 babies. Will also consider Caesarean for that perfect Christmas Present.

Womb for rent, slightly uncertain pedigree, has managed 5 live births with 2 still births, reduced rate £10,000

Wanted - healthy womb - Couple wanting to celebrate their anniversary in style require the baby to be delivered on 27th May. Prepared to pay up to £35,000 for the right applicant.

Want a womb to rent but strapped for cash. Wombs for hire loans are available at a competitive rate.

I am desperate for cash to pay my mortgage and prepared to offer a reduced rate for my womb, highest deposit secures.

Need a baby in a hurry? Safe Caesareans - We are a specialist clinic working with our womb renters to ensure the fastest delivery possible. See our website for endorsements by satisfied customers.

What a sick country this is becoming.
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Net Neutrality blown out of the water

Over the past few weeks there are increasingly ominous signs that net-neutrality and an open internet is a thing of the past.

For years countries such as China and Iraq have been pilloried by politicians and journalists in the West over their control and censorship of the internet. No longer can this continue.

This notice is appearing across websites in America, as their Department of Homeland Security makes a land grab for websites. Websites, they claim are offering or pointing to illegal download sites.

There are sites, which have nothing to do with downloads, that are being seized and closed.

The USA has a legal process to follow, in fact a choice of two:

DMCA, whereby a website is informed of infringements and have the opportunity to respond.

The more recently introduced COICA requires that the attorney general ask a court to place that website on a blacklist.

The Department of Homeland Security has however taken it upon themselves to by-pass this legislation and summarily executed court-ordered seizure warrants against a number of domain names, with little evidence, other than a complaint.

This pre-emption would be bad enough on its own, but this is compounded with the WikiLeaks saga, which has seen the USA chase the domain and business around the world, putting pressure on hosts and even going so far as to introducing new legislation, the SHIELD Act, which is an amendment to a section of the Espionage Act, extending it to include:

publishing information concerning the identity of a classified source or informant of an element of the intelligence community of the United States, or concerning the human intelligence activities of the United States or any foreign government.

A piece of legislation which by its very hurry to be implemented indicates how quickly Governments in the West will aim to close down any website with which it has an issue.

In the UK, there has been the pre-emptive closing down on Fitwatch under the say so of a junior ranking police officer. Who decided he was going to act as investigator, prosecutor, barrister, judge and jury coercing a hosting company to remove the site. The site has now been re-instated with another host and as of now, no charges have been made against the domain owner.

A Government Minister in the UK has openly backed the end of net-neutrality with a call for a multi speed internet, with ISPs being able to charge either the website owner, or the consumer a fee, for internet access speed based on the site being visited.

The minister involved, Ed Vaizey, is either extremely thick, or duplicitous, as he continues to claim he is all in favour of net neutrality and on the same page as Berners-Lee and all other net neutrality advocates. He even goes so far as to suggest that because a consumer can choose which speed internet access he purchases from his ISP, is already indicative of a multi-speed internet. I posit, Vaizey isn't as thick as he pretends and has some ulterior motive in wanting to destroy net-neutrality and introduce a multi-speed internet.

This erosion has come about quickly and with little warning, who knows where it will lead.

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