Joanna Lumley and Politics

While I fully support the fight for justice for the Ghurkas and believe they should be able to settle in the UK, I find the unedifying sight of Government policy being made on the hoof at the behest of Joanna Lumley somewhat disturbing.

We have had investigations into cash for peerages and questions asked about the ability to buy changes in legislation, all of which are of course denied, but here we saw in the most gaphic form, how politicins can be and are manipulated.

The sight of Paul Woolas nodding his head like a sheep each time Joanna Lumley introduced a new clause, is a sign of a Government not fit for office.

The message is unhealthy. If you are a welknown actress you will get Ministers to nod their head in agreement. If you are a newspaper vendor in Central London, you will be assaulted by the Police in Public view and your death covered up.

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