Hitmen for free

Looking to have someone killed?

I am able to provide information of two free services. One based in the US and the other in the UK, complete with video references of succesful hits.

In the US

How to contact a BART Officer

* Report to a police officer or any other uniformed BART employee onboard the train.
* You may also use the train intercom located at the ends of each train car. This will allow you to make your report to the train operator who will forward the information to the police department's communications center.
* If you have cell phone coverage, call the BART Police toll-free at 877.679.7000. In a BART station: Contact a police officer or station agent. You may contact the agent either in person, or you may use a white courtesy phone. Several of these phones are located throughout the station, including on the platforms.
* You may also use a payphone or cellular phone and call the police department's communications center directly. Either dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, or dial 877.679.7000 for emergencies or non-emergencies.

The Metropolitan Police in London, have a long and successful track record in murder .
Unless it’s an emergency, call the Metropolitan Police Service on 0300 123 1212.

Recent high profile murders include John Charles De Menezes.


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