Nationwide Building Society - nothing but porn loopers

If you are an internet account holder of the Nationwide Building Society, you know the one, stupid ads with some fat git and abysmal service.

Try making contact through their secure messaging service.

You will be taken through a loop of contact us here, sign in, contact us here, sign in, contact us here, sign in..... ad infinitum.

There is a telephone number, when you call it..... The response is, well you need to contact us via the internet if it is an internet issue.

There is an obscure link to contact the webmasters, so like any reasonable person (fed up as you may be) you try to use that one, all looks good. But no chance. The message comes back.... Call our help line number, which is the same number that tells you you need to contact the website directly.

Anyone at the Nationwide give a flying .... Of course not. Directors of bankers really are w.....s


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