On Israel and Gaza

The West and the UN is so busy jumping on the band wagon of how Israel is killing civilians in Gaza, they seem to have forgotten their own atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is extremely irritating to hear Politicians from the UK and US lambasting Israel over civilian deaths.

Absolutely right that The opponents of Israel do this, they tend not to obfuscate and equally criticise the West for civilian deaths.

It is estimated 151 000 civilian Iraqis have died as a result of the US led invasion of Iraq.

Approximately 80 000 Afghanistani civilians have been killed.

December 17th 2008 - Kabul - An official in eastern Afghanistan said Wednesday three civilians were killed and two others were wounded when their house was attacked by US soldiers.

26th July 2008 - British soldiers in Afghanistan today killed four civilians and injured three more after opening fire on a vehicle

11th July 2008 - 45 women and children and two men were killed when a US aircraft bombed a wedding party in eastern Afghanistan last Sunday, .

September 3rd 2008 - Helicopters ferried U.S.-led troops to a border village in a raid that left at least 15 people dead on Wednesday, including civilians, officials said. A Pakistani army spokesman said the attack was the first ever ground incursion by foreign forces on its territory and warned that it undermined efforts against terrorism.

So the list goes on.

The UN appointed Tony Blair, a man with few ethics and no sense of decency to become the UN peace envoy to the Middle East, a man who snuggled up to the USA in what most sane commentators view as an illegal war led by lies (Hans Blick and his team was actually in Iraq, informing the UN there were no weapons of mass destruction when the US decided they had to invade right now, this minute) and almost certainly a classic case of Oedipus Complex, over the invasion of Iraq.

But despite this, the UN and the West still see fit to condemn Israel, without giving a thought to their own behaviour.

Surely a case of a mote in the eye


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