Peers investigating Peers

What a surprise....

It seems as though the noble peers of the realm (who make up the upper chamber in British parliament) are under suspicion of taking money to change laws. Hardly a shock and hardly news worthy I wouldn't have thought.

Under our last illustrious Prime Minister, Tony Blair, there was an investigation into 'cash for honour' whereby Peerages were granted for making political donations. The Labour Government managed to avoid any thorough investigation being carried out. So it is hardly surprising that these same peers who paid to get their honours, wouldn't feel completely justified in taking payments to alter legislation.

Corruption breeds corruption and as Winston Churchill once said 'Democracy is the worst form of Government....'

Politicians are careerists and as with any other walk of life there are corrupt individuals, politics seems to attract a higher number of them, which is no great shock.

So the likely hood is we have corrupt peers, who obtained their peerages by corruption. It isn't exactly rocket science is it?

Yet the mantra is still spouted that every country needs a fully fledged democracy like ours. Why?

The political system in the UK is an example of a broken wheel which badly needs fixing and that is not 'fixing' in the sense that many politicians may understand.

Having politicians investigating other politicians behaviour is like having the police investigate the murders they commit.... pointless and a whitewash.

Oh and shock of shocks, Mandelson has managed to fix a bail out for Jaguar as reported under the symbiosis between Mandelson and the Hinduja brothers in an earlier blog entry.

Quite why Mandelson came to mind when I was writing about corrupt peers I am not sure.


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