Junkie actor Oscar possibility - dead cameraman who cares

The morons who watch and are involved in the film industry never cease to amaze me.

Father-of-two Conway Wickliffe, 41, was on a camera truck filming an unmanned special effects car, when it struck a tree. Warner Bros Pictures said the accident had happened at a special effects facility for Batman: The Dark Knight. His death was accidental, a jury ruled.

Miles Francis, who represented the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at the hearing, said afterwards: "Our inquiries are continuing and a decision will be made in due course whether there will be a prosecution."

This still continues

Some moronic actor - The ones who think they matter because they are puppets acting the words and actions others - His name Heath Ledger - got a little flustered because his former fiancee was about to serve papers demanding sole access, went on a drugs binge. I wonder why she didn't want some out of control junkie looking after her child?

Both are mentioned in the film credits, but who does the film world think was wonderful? The junkie father, or the loving father of two?

Funnily enough, the pathetic junkie wins the 'we care' badge.

The film industry really has got its head up its own a**e.

The Oscars are nothing more than the international photocopier salesman of the year awards, but because of wealth have managed to capture the headlines.


While ranting on the topic, wtf.

ER featured actors salaries average at US$20 000 per episode. These are puppets pretending to be medics, proper Doctors in the US who actually save lives in emergency care are paid an average of US$ 240 000 per annum. Nurses with 20 years experience, who work 40 hours a week earn US$56 000. A Doctor in China earns on average US$81 000 and a nurse US$49 000.

But still the morons in the USA feel they are underpaid and are threatening a strike, actors such as Mel Gibson, Martin Sheen and Ed Harris, feel it is all justified.

Who in their right mind thinks a junkie who overdoses should receive a reward and what arrogant mentality must you have to believe your pretending to save lives is worth more than people who actually save lives?

Perhaps they are just spouting the words of their puppet masters.


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