The energy wars, Poland and the missile placement

Russia may have slipped away from being a world military superpower, so say the pundits... But somehow I can't see all those nuclear weapons just melted away, regardless of that, energy is the new weapon of control.

Russia, who supply 20% of the Eu's gas, piped through the Ukraine, have got a little upset with Ukraine, once again and stopped their supply, but have said that they are not going to disrupt gas supply to the West. Gazprom, have said, they have in fact increased supply to the West recently through the Ukraine pipeline.

Despite words of reassurance, in the UK, Gas suppliers are likely to delay reducing fuel prices to consumers, as wholesale prices once again became more volatile after Russia's action in the Ukraine. Wholesale gas rices rose by 2.5% yesterday.

Meanwhile the USA persists with its desire to place missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic on the pretext that these weapons will ensure safety from a North Korean or Iranian missile strike into Europe.

Russia, funnily enough do not believe a word of it and just take a look at a world map to see how unlikely the scenario really is

The US government appear to have failed to notice Russia stuck in the middle of the route for any missile travelling from North Korea on the bottom right of the map to Europe over on the left, not to mention China sitting in the way.

It would in fact be an easier target to aim a missile form North Korea into the USA than into Europe. The missile would only need to fly over Japan.

It may well be that many Americans fail to grasp World Geography, but I would have thought their Generals would have some concept and at least acknowledge that Russia and China may get a little upset if North Korea starts to use their airspace to launch missiles. Not to mention to slight issue of distance, which is in excess of 4,500 miles.

At some point in time the world will wake up to the fact that Russia hold enormous energy supplies and getting the country irritated is not necessarily the best thing to do.


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