Nowun Till is intrigued by Waitrose advertising Heroin

In the UK, there is a group of ad writers who really believe it is trendy and hip to use the '70's as a style icon.

We have the farcical idea that John Lydon is a man to sell butter. Waitrose now feel that using the Stranglers track Golden Brown, is a way to introduce us to their products.

These are evidently people of my generation who now wish to pretend they were the rebels in their youth. I assure you, when I was a teenager in the '70's these ad copy writers were not quite as rebellious as they like to pretend.

I was living in Bromley, I was a punk rocker, but I had very few friends, very few allies and faced a peer group who despised my lifestyle.

Yet now, the pretence is that this was all great stuff and was supported by these advertising copy writers.

The Sex Pistols, sold out to cash very early and to the credit of them, they made no pretence of it. Lydon was and remains an image, but not a reality of the time. His only interest was in money, good for him, but pretending he was rebelling and that the advertising copy wirters were supporters. really takes a joke one step too far.

We have London Calling, as a theme behind the Olympics 2012, which is nothing but a sick joke. London Calling, was a song of its time about social deprivation, not about London being a great City.

The Waitrose theme song, Golden Brown, evidently unbeknown to the copy writers, is about Heroin.

Why don't the morons, now in their late 40's and early 50's, stop pretending they were of the punk '70s.

Punk has become a focal point for the seventies and early eighties (way after Lydon had disappeared). but was a minority and intensely disliked lifestyle, I still have the knife scars to prove how disliked we were.

I have yet to find one of these aged 'trendy' ad execs, who actually understands punk.

Sure the Stranglers were not mainstream punk, but at the time, no one cared, but they seem to now.... but when Waitrose advertise Heroin, you know the ad agencies really are run by morons.


  • Just read your post elsewhere about the Podango Productions situation, and jut had to look you up to call you the douche you are to your virtual face.

    If anything, your comments about making money in the face of someone's illness should be directed at the parent company of Podango Productions, who was going to sell off everything before she could get a chance to get better. All Adam's doing is trying to make sure that there's something still there when she wakes up, under the circumstances imposed on him by that same parent company.

    Usually I let stuff like this slide, especially from someone who can only be challenged on such comments through the comments on his blog (assuming, of course, you don't just delete this outright... that would be the douche-y thing to d, after all). But that comment was idiotic and could not be allowed to stand unchallenged.

  • Thanks anonymous, glad you managed to respond.

    Why would I not publish your comment? So you disagree with me, so what.

    In regard to the original post, I state once again, shit happens.

    Why should Podango loose out because of a tenants inability to pay rent. That is what insurance is for and is the responsibility of the tenant to pay the rent and insure themselves should their condition alter, not the landlord to be all lovey dovey sympathetic

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