Nowun Till listens to out of the woodwork astrophysicists

Get over it, suddenly the world is full of expert astrophysicists. The Cern particle accelerator, has not been created today, CERN has been around for years conducting experiments, but suddenly the world is "going to end". Even more galling, is the simple fact that the significant experiments don't even start until next year.

Yes, these are new experiments, yes they are in a much larger and faster accelerator, but headlines to not you an astrophysicist make.

The intention is to determine the answer =4, the question is not being identified.

The experiments will possibly help identify what happened immediately after big bang, they will not and are not an attempt to discover what cause big bang, so they may well find out the answer =4 but they will still not discover what plus, multiplied, divided, cubed or whatever else actually made =4.

The assumption is still unproven that there ever was a big bang. That particular question is still up for debate.

As for the woodwork experts, do they even know what the alternative theories to big bang are? Could they determine black hole light shift if it hit them in the head (as it regularly does) and can they discuss the Friedmann-lemaitre expanding-spacetime paradigm?

I doubt it, but suddenly they know all about the CERN particle accelerator, as if they even know what it is and question the safety of these current experiments.


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