Nowun Till wonders about personal responsibility

I am completely bored with idiots claiming their debt is the fault of the banks.

If I sent a mailer offering untold riches if the recipient just blew their head off, would anyone take me up on the offer?

Just because a bank tells someone it is prepared to offer a loan, doesn't mean they have to accept the offer.

Look at the income work out if you can afford the debt, if not... walk away.

Now we have a bunch of equally thick 'economists' proclaiming this is the worst thing that has ever happened and the world is doomed.

Yes, thousands of people will loose their jobs, house prices will fall and companies will go bust..... So what. This is the flip side of capitalism. It isn't all profit and it isn't all glitter, else we would all live in luxury.

Work it out, the minute anyone needs something, someone has to create/manufacture it, so by simple intelligence, we can't all be living a life of Riley.

So Thick idiot borrowed too much money on their credit card, bank loan, mortgage. That is thick idiots fault, not mine, not HBOS, not the Government. Thick idiot the one who signed the credit agreement, get over it.

Yet still these idiots who couldn't work out their own finances, now wish to proclaim their right to vote, to influence and to engage. No thanks, the sooner they fall through the trap door the better. They are evidently are too thick to understand their own finances, do they really have any sensible thoughts on deciding anything outside their own influence, when they get that wrong?

Stop blaming others for your own failings.

If you are about to loose your house, that is your own fault, no one elses. Try facing up to personal responsibility.


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