Michael Jackson, a suspected paedophile

I had wanted to avoid posting about this man, but unfortunately he keeps getting comments.

He is a suspected paedophile, the US justice system seems to operate on a 'Are you a celebrity' , a la Simpson and Jackson.

If you fit the criteria of being a 'celebrity' the fact that evidence points to guilt, counts for nothing.

American seem to forgive crime: Dear old Phil Spector took decades to get to court, Roman Polanski, still wanted on paedophilia charges in the USA, but managed to get an Oscar in 2002 , OJ 'not guilty' made the rest of the world snort, not to mention his slow-mo car chase. Try it one day and the US cops will get you off the road fast as hell unless you are perceived as a 'celebrity', they then managed to find him innocent. Strangely enough where is he now?

Jacko the wacko paid off a family, why?

He got to court and was found innocent... any ring of Simpson?

Now he is dead, suddenly he was sorely misunderstood, a man with problems, but his music was great.

I have no time for it, he was a suspected paedophile and in the light of his actions probably more than suspected.

I have no eulogy for this man, as the world stands today, Jacksons death is nothing I mourn.

The world is a better place for dead paedophiles, not that I would possibly suggest that paedophilia and sweet innocent Michael Jackson and the pay off was in any way related.


  • Anonymous said...

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    I applaud you and what you have said...
    I am sick to my stomach about the way this world mourns for a paedophile..

    He may have made nice music (debatable: I did not enjoy it!!) but surely that is negated by such heinous crimes against children!

    We are not talking about George Michael who fiddled with himself or smokes joints..Nor are we talking about Mel Gibson, who is an anti-semetic, drunken adulterer...But rather, we are talking about a disgusting, nefarious kiddy-fiddler!! To, me there is no crime worse, other than rape. So why the heck does the world mourn and say his that his death is a ltragic loss?

    I say: One less peadophile in the world!!

    On FaceBook..there is such an outpouring of grief and sadness for this pervert..I'm sure other cyber-sites are inundated with similar stories. I wrote a note on my FB profile about MJ's paedophilia charges..and got shot down for disrespecting a legend..

    Since when do we as a society respect a child-molestor?? Just beacuse he is famous does not excuse his repulsive actions!!

    Everone says there's no 'hard' evidence.. Well to me paying of millions is an admission of guilt..
    If one is innocent, they should fight for their name and honour..

    Also, I've done a bit of research. Please go to the following link, for an interesting take on how you and I feel.


    By clicking on a link on the above site, one can view in writing the then 12-year old's, charges brought against MJ. Many say that the boy was coached..but I feel that NO 12 year old can make up such horrific details..and stand by them in a court of law!!

    MJ claimed to have 'healed the world'..No..he made it a sicker!!

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