Police investigations of Politicians

There have been numerous calls for Police investigations into the actions and claims by politicians for expenses over the recent weeks, but so far nothing has happened.

I have been wondering why this would be the case?

Are the Police in cahoots with Politicians and won't investigate anyone? Are the investigations going on in secret? Are there no questions to ask?

I don't think any of those are the real reason we have heard nothing about investigations.

Tomorrow we have elections for the European Parliament and various council seats. I would guess, these investigations have been suppressed, under political pressure until after the elections. I anticipate that by next week, we will hear of investigations by the Police into certain MPs.

That in itself is an even more worrying sign than corrupt politicians. It means the Police are once again being manipulated by Government to meet a political agenda.

The mainstream parties are concerned of a backlash against them at the elections and much has been made of the potential benefits extremist parties may gain from this backlash. To have investigations ongoing of mainstream party politicians prior to the elections, has probably been deemed as a risk of corroding their support further.

Corrupt politicians are of considerable concern, a Police State is far worse.


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