Britain signals a call for help

Mandelson looks a little forlorn as he holds the Union Flag upside down, while at an agreement signing ceremony with Chinese officials.

Flying the Union Flag upside down, historically indicates distress and a call for help.

While many are suggesting the flag was inverted in error, because Mandelson, Brown and the civil service are just plain incompetent, or alternatively they are too stupid to realize the Flag can be flown upside down, but I just wonder, whether this was in reality a call for help, either because the trade agreement is of no value to Britain or because the UK is on the verge of bankruptcy and all assistance is now required.

Whatever the real reason, the visit of the Chinese Premier to the UK, has shown the complete contempt with which British Police treat demonstrators. The irony being, the protests were about lack of freedom, in China, specifically the Tibet issue.

The UK is quite simply, no longer a country in which liberty and personal freedom play any part in the thinking of the Orwellian Politburo in Government.


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