Ivan Cameron dies, UK political system grinds to a halt

Over stated perhaps.

While I am sure the Cameron's are very distressed at the loss of their son in the early hours of this morning, I fail to see why the political process needs to stop.

Gordon Brown has decided to pull out of PMQs today. PMQs are a weekly showdown. Sure many of the questions are planted and the theatre can over take the value of the weekly Parliamentary session, but they are an important part of the political process and the Prime Minister should not be looking for easy options to deny MPs the opportunity to question him and his policies.

I can't say I personally have any view either way on Cameron, or his family and how they will react to this death, but I do know these people Cameron included, want to lead the country. Well leadership means responsibility and responsibility is not about forgetting the millions of people he wants to lead while he has a personal setback.

Brown has absolutely no excuse. Protocol may leave it that the PM doesn't appear if the opposition leader isn't about and vice versa, but that is insulting to everyone and indicative of the way politicians haven't got a clue about leadership or management. The 'I am too important to appear if my equal isn't about' attitude stinks and should be eliminated. Politicians waffle endlessly about getting rid of the class system, this attitude reeks of class structure.

I don't know the Cameron or his family. I do however know thousands of parents every year loose their children, some through illness, such as the death of the boy, others through accidents and war, I don't recall the chairman of BP taking the day off because one of his staff lost their child.

Brown continues to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq, where many innocent civilians are killed and described as 'collateral damage'. This man should be in the House today answering questions as to why he finds the killing of innocent children in Afghanistan and Iraq causes him no upset or concern what so ever, yet the death of this particular child makes it impossible for him to function.


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