Genital mutilation, but hey its all in the name of freedom

The barriers between the judiciary and government have been obliterated by the National Socialist Party of the UK, more commonly known as the Labour Party, who are the current elected oligarchs in the UK.

For no apparent reason, from a legal perspective, two judges, Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones, decided that the release of intelligence information in the case of Binyam Mohamed, would put the public of the United Kingdom at risk.

That is a governmental issue, not a judicial issue.

The Stasi style operation is made murkier, by the fact that it was under US Government pressure that this decision was reached.

We are in a position, that the US Government uses strong arm tactics on the UK Government, so much for Saint Obama and the new 'US co-operation', were this not bad enough, the UK Government then puts pressure on the Judiciary to make political decisions.

This smacks of similar tactics in the BAe investigation, which was ground down by Political influence in judicial process.

While politicians learn very little from history, one thing they do seem to digest are the manuals of dictatorships.

The UK judicial system must be kept free from political influence and the judges who made this decision should be kicked off the benches.

The alleged torture of this man, including genital mutilation, in the name of freedom, requires due legal process. A question mark hangs over whether the UK is the correct country to be involved in this process in the first instance remains, as Binyam Mohamed is an Ethiopian National, who was granted leave to stay in the UK, but not UK citizenship and was 'arrested' in Pakistan. It appears therefore that under the 1951 UN refugee convention, Britain has no responsibility for this man.

That said, US political let alone UK political pressure, has no place in the UK Judicial system.

The case continues with a possible appeal of the House of Lords, but as these Peers are happy to take cash for amendments, it seems unlikely anything will change.

With this backdrop, it is anticipated Binyam Mohamed, will be released soon, as all charges were dropped in 2005, why three years on he is still being held Guantanamo, is yet another intriguing question.

The question of UK intelligence officers complicity in the torture of Binyam Mohamed is, according to the Government, still an ongoing investigation.


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