Thanks to Jesse from overstimulate

The wonderful world of twitter came once again to my clarion call.

I was having a problem with a firefox add-on and after trying for an hour or so to resolve the problem myself, I managed to achieve nothing apart from annoyed.

I used that easy communication tool, twitter and sent out a request for help. The joy of twitter, is that it not ony spreads out to your contacts, but can be found by people interested in a subject area.

In the early hours of this morning, I received a response from someone i had never heard of until just then.

He proceeded to work with me to resolve the problem.

Thanks Jesse who blogs at overstimulate

If you are wondering about twitter, new online business ideas has a useful post twitter review about using and setting up a twitter account.

If you are a twitter user, my account is anarchyintheuk, look forward to catching up


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